This is the first Ivory handled cue in our Scepter Series.

Here is a real show piece cue with Ivory handle, for starters.

It has 6 Ivory points loaded with Abalone in the forearm with

matching inlays in the butt sleeve. The Ivory handle has

numerous Ebony and Abalone inlays. The cue has thirty 1/5

carat Rubies, thirty six 1/5 carat Emeralds and eighteen 1/5

carat White Sapphires. This Ebony and Ivory cue has a

Titanium joint pin, Ivory joint, handle and butt plate.

It has numerous Sterling Silver accent inlays.



Next is an Ivory pointed cue with Ebony, black, red and

blue veneers into beautiful Birdseye Maple. This cue has

very short Ivory points in the short butt sleeve. This gives

a long genuine Lizard wrap area for those who like to hold

their cue farther back in the grip area. The points have 38

1/10 carat rubies with Sterling Silver accents.

The classic look doesn’t get much classier than this.



Below is a very unique Golden colored

Yellow Heart cue with very intricate

inlay work. Each forearm and butt sleeve point is made up

of individual inlays of Red Amboyna Burl, Turquoise,

Abalone and Buffalo Horn. The butt has 144 inlays and

is wrapped with a sealed golden Python wrap.

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