Here is a group of solid playing player priced cues.

First is a Wenge cue with Tulipwood points and inlays. It also has numerous silver inlays and a subtle sealed Karung snakeskin wrap.  SOLD

Second is a Rosewood cue with Tiger Maple Handle,

Tiger Maple points and inlays. SOLD

This third cue is a Rosewood cue with Zebrawood

points and inlays.   SOLD

Fourth is a Full splice Rosewood into Maple cue

with black, orange and yellow veneers and

Osage Orange sword and dagger inlays.  SOLD

Fifth is a Figured Shedua cue with Ivory points

and Abalone and Mother of Pearl inlays.  SOLD

All these cues come with our trademark

Sterling Silver Stitch Rings.

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