More Lathes:

Here is another Deluxe Cue Smith we use for ring cutting,

sanding exotic woods and other funtions where we don’t

want the dust in the main shop. This machine is in our

butt tapering room along with our butt tapering machine.

We close it off from the rest of the shop so we don’t

breath the toxic wood dust and phenolic dust.

This is our turret lathe. It is used for making threaded

ferrules, ferrule blanks and joint protectors.

One of our first metal lathes. This is a 6″ Atlas lathe that

we mainly used for making small metal parts like stylus’

for the Cue Smith Inlay Machine and other small metal

parts for the lathes we manufacture.

We have shown seven of our lathes and machines we

use for cue turning. Now let us move on to Inlays.

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