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The Road Bridge name is dedicated to the many years my old friend Mike Danner

ran the roads playing pool and promoting his Stretch System bridge and extension.

I was his financial backer and distributor for the last batch of Stretch Systems.

We have had numerous requests for a telescoping bridge and developed

The Road Bridge to fill the need Mike left behind.

The Stretch System is no longer being manufactured as the

owner and inventor Mike Danner passed away a few years ago.

The Stretch System was a unique bridge and extension system that

allows you to shoot almost any shot with a natural stance and

natural stroke. The cue extension fits onto the end of your cue

butt and telescopes to whatever length you need for the shot.

The bridge also telescopes out to whatever length you need.

This allows you to bend over the reach shots that require a

bridge, aim and stroke just like any other shot. This actually

increases your field of vision and great increases your aiming

accuracy on the long bridge shots.

Below on the left is Wade Crane and on the right right is Mike Danner

Wade was a world class player and Mike's best friend. Both have passed away.

Notice how much more comfortable the shooter looks while

executing this hard to reach shot with the Stretch System!

The extra large bridge allows you to shoot over clusters

of balls. The bridge head even pivots and will allow you to

perform jump shots with the cueball in the middle of the table.

Below are the New Road Bridges

The 5.5 foot Interstate Model and the smaller 4 foot Highway Model.

The Road Bridge also allows you to shoot over multiple balls.

Shoot hard to reach Jump shots in the middle of the table.

Shoot follow shots over the top of another ball.

Shoot other hard to reach shots

Shoot draw shots with ease.







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