We will take you on a tour of our shop.

Please excuse the mess.

This is the Deluxe Cue Smith lathe that almost every Hightower

Custom Cue has been assembled on since 1996. We use

it for the complete assembling of the cue and wrapping.

Notice all the small tooling on the shelves above the lathe.


This is our table saw shaft tapering machine. We started using this machine

in the mid 1990’s. There are over 400 shaft blanks in various stages

of turning beside it. Also notice the dust collection system.

This is our new Cue Smith Tapering Machine. We mainly

use it for tapering butts and carom cue shafts. It is capable

of cutting various shaft tapers with the interchangeable

taper shaft bars. It also can cut in point grooves.

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