About Us

Quality Cues Since 1988…

Chris Hightower started building lathes and cues in the late 1980s and has been doing it pretty much full time since 1991. In 2004 Chris, along with several other cuemakers, formed the International Cuemakers Association and Chris serves as the international director. He trained his son Israel in the art of cue making from his childhood and is proud to have him working alongside him in handcrafting each Hightower Custom Cue that leaves the shop.

In addition to building quality cues, we probably build and sell more cue building and repair equipment than any other company through our family business: Cue Man Billiard Products. We build our cues with the same equipment we sell. We use technology from simple files and chisels to lathes, pantomills, and a CNC milling machine. We import some of the highest quality exotic woods that can be found to use in our cues. Some of our specialties are Sterling silver stitch rings, Ivory, Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Camel Bone and Turquoise inlays. We also inlay a lot of precious stones like Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Diamonds. Our optional sealed Python wraps have given our high-end cues an appeal that makes them stand out among a room full of other high-end cues.

Our flat-faced 5/16″ joint with phenolic or brass inserts have given our cues a reputation for their solid feel and high action hit. We have striven to make our cues have what we call the “Goldie Locks Hit”. Not too hard, not too soft, JUST RIGHT! Chris and Israel have both won many amateur and open tournaments and know what it takes to build a cue that will get the job done. We vary woods, inlay materials, and designs to give each cue that custom touch. If you want to commission a custom cue or are interested in one of the fine cues we have already created and have in stock: feel free to contact us!