Below is a cue custom built for an up and coming local female player.

It has 4 Purple Heart points into beautiful Birdseye Maple and many

Abalone and Mother of Pearl inlays. Inside the Mother of Pearl are

16 Rubies and 16 Aquamarine stones. It has our trademark

Sterling Silver accents and Burgundy Linen wrap. Good Luck, Angela!

Next we present a real show piece that was custom made for a local

cue collector, Lamar Redd who passed away a while back. RIP!

It is an ebony cue with 6 fancy Ivory points with 7

Abalone inlays and 6 rubies accented with white gold in

each point. It has shorter matching points in the butt sleeve. It is

wrapped with a beautiful Ring Tail Lizard skin. It has our trade mark

sterling silver accents and the joint and butt plate are both ivory.

Over 200 inlays counting silver and gold plated accents! SOLD

Now we come to one of our full-spliced wrapless cues. It is Bocote

spliced into Maple with Turquoise, Maple and Bocote inlays. It has our

standard silver accents. This is a value priced cue for the player who

wants a cue that hits like our high end cues yet costs much less. SOLD

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