Here is a beautiful Yellow Heart wood cue with 6 Snakewood points and inlays of Snakewood and Abalone. It has sterling silver accents and a beautiful sealed brown python wrap. SOLD


Next is a Rosewood cue with 4 Ivory point and ivory inlays. It has sterling silver accents and a sealed python wrap. SOLD


The Hightower High-Power Break/Jump Cues. The cues come with our Phenolic/Leather combo tip. It lets you break with super hard leather and jump with phenolic. It is truly the best of both worlds.

They all have Birdseye maple forearms and your choice of Birdseye, Bocote, Cocobolo or Purple Heart, handles with Irish linen wrap or beautiful wood unwrapped.

All have special Quick release joints in both joints and laminated shaft. Our only production cue Made in USA. Very powerful cue.

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